Placement Fever

Another poem by me .. ๐Ÿ™‚

Theme –> Feeling of most of the students while campus placement season..!

How people lose their confidence just because of few failures at time of placement season and get desperate for job.. It really makes us wonder how can placement decide whether a person is capable or not.. but it affects students is never specifically for getting job.. it is why not me? when others are getting placed…. all those who deserve but still need wait longer know it better..!

For all my well deserving friends who had to wait ..


Go GO GO !!
you have to show

run run run
its not fun

everyone around you
getting some or other job
everyone around you
seeking attention of the mob

what are you doing
you have nothing
why dont you run
why say “NO” son

You have the spirit
you have the strength
just one thing you need
is keep trying at length

you will get it
what you deserve
you have to face it
dont make yourself reserved

Feel free and laugh
its joke on you
you thought you are smart
but the world doesnt want you

let the world feel so
it might not be deserving you
but when every time happens the same
it might be the case, something is wrong with you

how many times you will take it positively
how many times say — โ€œnot my destinyโ€
accept the fact that you are not upto the mark
world doesnt want you, maybe you dont have the spark

but dont be depressed
dont stop to try
let the world know what you have
dont sit and cry

think what could have gone wrong
think what should have been right
may be a small change in you
and the world will be at your feet

enough is enough now its your time son ๐Ÿ™‚



P.S.ย ย  This poem I had written addressing myself when I failed aptitude rounds of first 2 dreamย  companies.!

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My first Poem :)

I was just sitting that day, had got up too early and was planning for the day, suddenly somewhere on the internet read the quote – “See the half glass full”!!

Reading/listening the same phrase again and again was kind of disgusting…! I know the meaning behind it is just to take things positively, but sometimes it is really funny how people use positive attitude as excuse and do not try to change the situation.! If something is wrong, they say “no i take it positively” irrespective of thinking if it can be made right!! Actually there is nothing so much to think about a sentence but as I had got across the same sentence again and again in that period from some or other sources, it made me think and from no where i started putting my views about the phrase. Actually it was never decided that like “lets write poem”. Yes but after 5 minutes i came to know i have written a very first poem of my life.!

I am not a good poetess but still would like to share that poem with you all ๐Ÿ™‚

To all my friends who become happy by taking things positively and who become sad by taking things negatively ..For all people using that sentence as excuse and do not try to change the situation and try to pretend they are happy with it ๐Ÿ™‚

Make the glass full

They say, the glass is empty half
being sad they cant laugh !!
They say, it’s half full
being happy they are fools
Why to be happy or to be sad
Trust me … life is not so bad!!

why to accept it or live and act
why not to take efforts to make it apt
why to accept its half emptiness
why to live with ironical happiness
why to be happy or to cry
why not to just give a try

why not to try to make it full
why to keep making ourself fool

One day you will make it full
and listen my friend, its life’s rule
just you need have the WILL
and no one will stop you and the glass will be filled
Why to be happy or to be sad, trust me life is not so bad

why to be optimistic or pessimistic
why not to choose to be realistic
The only real thing in the world is your WILL
So its better to chase your dreams with zeal!
why to say its full or half
why not to just make it full and laugh!!

Why to be happy or to be sad .. Trust me dear life is not so bad!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

– PujK

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I am listing all questions which were asked me at various rounds of interviews. ๐Ÿ™‚

First round [Technical]

1.You are a computer student, which subjects you had studied so far?
2. What is your Btech project ?
3. Cloud — explain what is cloud.? [My Btech project is related to cloud so they asked.]
4. Process migration vs VM migration. Why load balancing? why cloud ? explain with examples.
5. Compiler Construction– what do you understand by compilers ? explain compiler — how it works?
6. They had given me if else statement had told me to write stages at which what will happen till binary code is generated.
7. Natural language processing? Is it implemented? where? Is it possible ? if yes how? if no why ?
8. Google “understands” what do you mean.! arguments ๐Ÿ˜›
9. How google work then ?
10. given a C code. Write assembly code for it. questions on each line of that how it happens in hardware. Flag registers and all working.
11. Synchronization questions.
12. Interprocess Communication what are its techniques in unix ?
13. Unix doesnt support if process have sent message for process 2 and computer turned off in between before p2 reads. How you will make sure that P2 will get the message after computer restarts. explain your techniques.
14. Data structure you will use for contact lists. Type of data structure explain everyone. Trade off hash table and B-trees, B+trees.
15. Gave example and asked how can I call child’s function using parent’s pointer?
16. Explain how virtual function is implemented in compilers-level. How those are handled at lowest “binary” level. [this was bonus question :)]
17.Function pointers how used why used in detail. ๐Ÿ™‚ [Best part was when I told syntax they said its ok if you make it wrong we dont bother about syntax ๐Ÿ˜€ and they won my heart :P]
18.Normalization.ย  why and how about each normal form.
I told the purpose of normalisation. And told them that i dont remember the definitions or specific purpose of each normal form. If you want give me some time i will need to remember it. But I told them if you give me database i can make out best of it ๐Ÿ˜› without knowing which normal form i applied ๐Ÿ˜‰ And just told the parameters that I will consider for doing that.[i was bit worried about saying this but fortunately they were happy ๐Ÿ˜› and said “ohh good” and again they won my heart :D]

2nd Round — Technical + HR
1. Give feedback about first interviewers.
2. Which subject you hated the most why and all discussion
3. Which subject you liked the most why and all discussion
4. Which teacher you like the most why and all
5. Why you are not much acquainted with JAva? why you were not taught java as syllabus ?
6. Approaches of programming ?
7. Preorder post order.?
8. Given a file of 10,00,000 minimum size how can i print last 5 lines ?
9. Questions you want to ask
10. Your approach about inventing new programming language.

3rd round interview — HR

1. Why cgpa not good in first 2 semester ? how that fast growth in next sem?
2. Why you chose diploma ?
3.what is biggest success?
4.what is biggest mistake? you became satellite team lead?

6.what are differences then and now? will you chose next lead?
8.what are the things that you have learnt on your own? technical and non technical both
9.what is your strength – questions about it
10.As i told hard working as strength — they asked me to rate between my intelligence and hardwork or any intelligence and hardwork
11.what is your weakness — questions about it [i told analysing people’s behavior he asked me to analyse his and sandeep sir’s]
12.Why ISRO hasnt sent you offer letter yet. What if they send you?
13.why you dont wont to work in embedded systems , communication in future?
14.why not reasarch and development company?
15.why not gate gre?
16.which all companies i had applied before and why i didnt get through those –> for each and every?
17.why i was not interested in interview at saba?
18. Then they explained me how credit suisse work and all what work all algorithms and all ๐Ÿ™‚
19. why i want to work with credit suisse?
20. where will be better for me pune/mumbai?
21. when you are lead how you resolved the issues?
22. how you work as a leader ?
23. what is cube satellite ? everything about sat project.
24. Astronomy olympiad till which round. They actually wrote down name of kedar when i said he got gold medal in that international round.[Basically they were noting down many things which i was saying ๐Ÿ˜› But this was unexpected]
25. Any questions ?

4th HR
1. Family background?
2. why left nashik?
3. why taken admission in pune only why not mumbai?
4. is it like dad in bank so you also want to be in bank ๐Ÿ˜›
5. how was apti for you? what do you think how did you perform ?
6. compensation details

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One of the Happiest day of My life! :)

Life was seeming to be at its worst!! Nothing was going as per expectations and in addition to that the placement season started!!! I had failed to crack aptitude round of 2 of dream companies.Nothing was too bad as such, but life was in search of something best.. something I am worth of.. something I deserve!.

Then I heard Credit Suisse is going to come to campus for placement, and it was the next โ€œdream slotโ€ company.And I felt like here comes a ray of hope. I was not in a state to say confidently that I will be through. But yes, I had started working hard on my drawbacks, like doing silly mistakes, not reading question correctly, solving quantitative in hurry and in turn not clearing aptitude round.My Family and Friends indeed boosted my confidence through out this period.And day by day I was getting ready for the company. I avoided appearing for all other companies[non-dream slot] which visited campus in between. As I had a target fixed, and in addition to that our college had started one job policy!

Finally that day came, 3rd of September, when company people entered the auditorium for presentation, somehow I had instinct that โ€œyes, they are here for meโ€. But still before dreaming, the main aim was to clear aptitude round. Interview was not something I was bothered about.Company Presentation was indeed good. Work profile was descent, location – Pune, descent package everything was seeming to be great. And my target was just toย  focus. Aptitude round started, I Saw the paper and by the grace ofย  the God, apti was not MCQ type ๐Ÿ˜€ We were supposed to write codes, algorithms and that too optimised ones[something which I like :)]. Complexity limit was given for more than half questions. And all these with few puzzles. ๐Ÿ™‚

Started with coding and algorithm section the things that I am better at.I solved almost all the questions. Then I turned to puzzles. That was something i was always been worried about, but the puzzles were too logical and not much maths related. So I could solve 80% of those correctly. Basically after giving paper I understood that for that 1 hr time I had forgotten the world, the reasons for which I was giving aptitude,what were going to be consequences of that test on my future etc. All thoughts were aside and it was just me and the questions ๐Ÿ™‚ Aptitude answer sheets were collected with Resume, one more thing for me to be happy about, someone was going to consider the Resume, which was indeed my strong point. Then we left auditorium. We were told that result will be declared till that night. And I was feeling very much lighter. Somehow the feeling was like I gave my best, and now its their luck if they evaluate me properly. All my friends were waiting outside the room and then I had nice lunch with them with discussion about all questions and answers.

As that night was approaching my curiosity of result was reaching to its peak and suddenly my best friend Anagha pinged me and told that List had been declared and I had got selected. โ€œHurray :Dโ€ moment for me.Even my family members were too happy.In fact, everyone of them always had confidence that I wont have any problem with interview but the concern was aptitude round as me being absent minded everyone was worried about that.First time I had cracked apti round of a company for which i really wanted to apply. Previous failures in aptis at the time of Deshaw and Nvidia were still there as a wound.

Now I had to start preparation for interviews that were going to happen the next day. Someone told me that company will ask only puzzles,and this was something which I was worried about.But still made up the mind for whatever it was going to be I had decided to give my best and crack it ๐Ÿ™‚ My other best friend Sanket, who had already got placed in De’shaw and always had supported and boosted my confidence, called me gave me many examples what type of puzzles can be asked, various approaches to look at various type of puzzles, his technical interview experiences etc. It was very much important for me!. My mom has always been a very much positive attitude person, She had more confidence than me about my selection.My Dad and Brother as well shared very important tips and their experiences with me which were indeed helpful for me. Everyone was giving me guidelines for my first campus interview as they were wanting it to be the last campus interview indeed ๐Ÿ™‚ All my best friends Devwrat, Akshay, Lohit, Anagha, Namita, Avdhoot, Lokesh, Apoorva and Sanket boosted my confidence,guided me and wished me for the next day.

And finally the day of interview arrived. It was my first experience of the interview.The Technical interview started and went on for 30 minutes. It was ultra-awesome experience. I felt really happy after coming outside the room and in those 30 minutes I gave my best. [All questions asked at interview are mentioned in the next post]. There were going to be 4 interviews. And I was 100% sure that I was selected for the next round. Soon after half an hour I had got called for the next round. That round was supposed to be Technical+HR and it went descent except my extreme silly mistake of solving pre order of tree wrongly. I was really depressed because of that one mistake and tried to explain the interviewer that it was just because of hurry and I CAN find preorder[finding preorder can be the simplest thing that someone can ask in interview and I made mistake in that showing my absent mindedness]. But the mistake and the excuse was depressing.All other question-answers went nicely.I Came out of the room and was really unhappy with that one mistake irrespective of the fact that other things went smoothly.I was trying to boost my moral and then I remembered the words of my best friend Devwrat and his confidence about my selection, he had confidently told one of my other friend that till 4th of September[the day when Credit Suisse had interviewed me] pooja will be placed..! His confidence about me raised my moral.Still I called up mom and told her that I was not sure about selection in the next round. She gave me moral support and as I hanged up phone entered the venue again, I was called for third round !!! ๐Ÿ™‚ According to the list I was expecting 7 people before me for the next round but still I was called immediately so it was surprising indeed. Somehow I managed to โ€œnot to look shockedโ€ and went for the next interview round.

The next round was totally HR interview round. Somehow I was very comfortable with HR and whole interview which went on for 45 mins I guess, was a casual talk [questions of which as well mentioned in the next post]. I was talking freely and the same way I talk with my friends. And after such a friendly interview I came out with big smile on my face. Again, I was sure that I was going to be selected for the next round. Immediately I was called for next round which was just a formality and I wasย  asked about my preferences about location like Mumbai or Pune some regular questions and explained me salary details. All formalities were completed and we were told that we would be informed if we get selected after words.

Till 1 oclk, all my interviews were completed and then onwards I was spending time with my friends. Namita was waiting with me from the morning and supported me through all journey of 4 interviews.She was the one who had got dream in the morning in which she saw me getting placed in credit suisse. ๐Ÿ™‚ She was there from first to support me. After spending some time all my other friends came and we went for breakfast.Till we came back it was almost 4.30.Still interviews of many students’ were remaining. We got to know that final result will be declared after the interview of all short-listed students and so it was seeming that it will take lot of time.Slowly all my friends went for their corresponding work. Anagha was waiting with me till end,We all girls were passing the time till 8 oclk. Still there was no sign of result and still some people were there waiting for their 3rd round of interview.As Anagha live far from college I insisted her to go home.I was a bit sad in mind that if she goes none of my best friends[from our group of 9] will be there to wish me at time of the result. But as it was too late I could understand, and told her to go. But as soon as she went Avdhoot entered the hall. And I had reason to smile ๐Ÿ™‚

He was waiting till end and finally around 9 olck we all were asked to enter in a room where they declared list of people selected for the company. And I got to know that I was in ๐Ÿ™‚ Felt really very happy.Cherry on the top was Neha had got placed with me. After letting us know all their expectations from us, we were given goodies and we came out of the room. While coming out my technical interviewer came to me and personally greeted me saying โ€œyou did great job in the interviewโ€!!. One more reason for me to be happy :D. I came out of the room. Avdhoot was so sure about my selection that he had come with all preparation. He gave me cad-bury and biscuits and we did small celebration. And I felt really awesome!!. His presence there meant a lot for me. As indeed he was representing all members from our group. ๐Ÿ™‚ As he had already text-ed everyone I had started getting calls. Immediately after getting wished from Avdhoot I called up my Dad,mom and brother Vaibhav informing them I am placed:) All of them wereย  feeling too happy and proud and I was too much satisfied to know the reason of their happiness was me. After that I came home.Got calls from all family members including grandma grandpa and I felt so nice to see that for them it meant much more than what it meant for me.!!! Phones for 2 hours after coming home,updating status on FB,celebration with family went on…and tired me went to sleep.!!!

And finally the day was concluded.!

I was placed in Credit Suisse. ๐Ÿ™‚ I had got one of the happiest days of my life. ๐Ÿ™‚

And I had also got a topic to start a blog with ๐Ÿ˜€

–> PujK

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